The Wine Restaurant

The Gate of Pleasure

For more than 700 years, hearty hospitality has been alive and well in the Alte Thorschenke in Cochem. Right in the middle of the very beautiful and exuberant Cochem, one comes “back home” to the Alte Thorschenke after an eventful day of holiday. One can then sit down at one of the rustic, cosy tables where Napoleon or Empress Marie Antoinette already sat and allow yourself to be pampered with an outstanding wine from the famous Mosel wine cellars and regional specialities.

The historic character of the city fortification, which was constructed by the Earl of Luxembourg in 1332, characterises the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of our hotel and our wine tavern.  Various and countless forefathers, lansquenets, serfs and travellers, guildsmen, burgesses, knights and troupes travelled through the old city gate over the centuries and have left their tracks. Even today, the Alte Thorschenke is the restaurant in Cochem which is the symbol of the old and new Mosel Romanticism for enjoyment and hospitality.

At our establishment, in addition to a comprehensive selection of regional wines, you will find typical specialities of the traditional Mosel cuisine, which will make your short holiday into an unforgettable experience.